The makings of a good Christmas movie!

christmas movie

Every good Christmas movie seems to have a common thread … a happy ending, right?  So, could this ‘happy ending’ be the reason we all inevitably watch at least one Christmas movie during the season?

The Christmas Movie countdown

Every year, from mid-October until just before the new year, all the television channels offer us various Christmas movies. Whether it be old traditional films, like A Charlie Brown Christmas from 1965, or a more recent, not so conventional Christmas movie, like The Holiday from 2006, the common thread seems to be the same, in pursuit of a happy ending. Are we all secretly in need of a ‘happy ending’ moment and hence, love or hate this festive time of the year, we watch a Christmas movie?

Choosing the right movie for the family

Dad wants something with fast-moving cars and action. Mom would prefer romance and perhaps a little drama. And the kids, well, let’s be honest, if it’s not about a cell phone, Fortnight, or a teleporting specialist, you will not get them to pay attention long enough to understand the plot anyway! So, how do you choose the right movie for the family?

As it is with Christmas, it’s all about the children!  Usually, it’s the youngest member of the family who gets to choose, and everyone else sits through the movie, either loving it or hating it, but watching it none the less, all in anticipation of the ‘happy ending.’

Making the Christmas movie night a tradition

In all good Christmas movies, there is usually one thing that keeps you watching.  Sometimes it is the inevitable snowfall at midnight or the return of a long-lost family member; whatever it may be, it keeps us vested and waiting in anticipation.  These emotions displayed in a movie stir up a sentiment we can easily relate to.  A good feeling. A happy ending. We enjoy that feeling and want more of it, and so,  the tradition of watching Christmas movies at Christmas time is born.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So yes, perhaps it’s the big lunch gathering or the corny Christmas jokes every year without fail that makes you enjoy the holiday. But, ultimately, the Christmas movie you choose to watch as a family sets the tone for a memorable fun experience, one you talk about year after year.  The one with the makings of a good Christmas movie.

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