2020 Wrap up – Movie-making during lockdown


Perhaps the key phrase to use here is in the heading itself, 2020 Wrap up – Movie-making during lockdown. Yes, wrap it up and throw it away, to the deepest part of the ocean, for it never to return.

Yes, those are the sentiments of many, I am sure, but was it all bad? Was 2020 the plot of the best motion picture ever made or of a failed blockbuster?

How did South Africa manage movie-making during lockdown?

The first South African movie filmed, produced and edited during the lockdown, could be coming to a small screen near you sooner than later! Cabin Fever, produced and directed by a Safta award-winning director, Tim Greene.  It is a movie true to its name and has a storyline everyone can relate to, COVID-19. One of about 19 films produced during the lockdown period, so it seems the South African movie industry worked around all its many challenges and was quietly triumphant.


How did Hollywood manage movie-making during lockdown?

In true American style, they marched on! As was the case worldwide in the movie-making industry. Production slowed dramatically, but scenes were still filmed at the actors’ homes, sent through to producers via technology, the producer would then watch and send back the scene with critique for a retake, and so it went!  Albeit in a different way, movies were still being made!

2020 Wrap Up – Movie-making during lockdown.

The movie industry’s excitement heightens as 2020 comes to an end, as great movies, which were supposed to be released earlier this year, and weren’t due to the worldwide pandemic, will be here soon!

Feature films like The Batman, The Beatles: Get Back, Antlers and The Artists Wife will be releasing in the first half of the new year, and 2021 promises to be more entertaining than the year that was 2020!

Actors and actresses have had to become versatile and learn to do things differently, as has been the case for anyone holding down a job. Our working environments are now ‘business as unusual,’ and that’s the new normal!


And that’s a wrap!

The film industry is arguably one of the most impactful sectors in modern society. Sitcoms and comedy shows make us laugh, psychological thrillers help us see the world from an improved perspective, and historical films help us understand where we’ve come from as a people. A virus certainly won’t stop movie making and bring this multibillion-dollar industry to a standstill!

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