10 Reasons RetroAfrika Inspires Filmmakers Today

Retro afrika bioscope

Benjamin Cowley, Tonie van der Merwe, Darryl Els

1. These films are from a crucial part of South African history

2. These films show the extraordinary talent, drive + imagination South Africans had despite hardship occurring during the Apartheid era

3. Tonie van der Merwe is an award-winning Director + Producer who has become a role model to young South African filmmakers today

4. They provided a way for people to escape during harsh times + their inspiration element has not been lost on audiences today. See CEO Benjamin Cowley’s interview here

5. They are unique + touching

6. They instigate important dialogue around issues from the past to prevent them happening again today

7. They connect people across cultures, nations + background

8. They are a preservation of our past

9. They are iconic viz. Joe Bullet was coined South Africa’s first ever Blaxploitation film

10. They provided work for artists (actors, film producers, crew members) who would otherwise have had no work

See award-winning Director Tonie van der Merwe’s interview in the News recently, See us in old press from the 70’s here.

Dorothee Wenner, Tonie van der Merwe, Benjamin Cowley

Dorothee Wenner, Tonie van der Merwe, Benjamin Cowley


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