Undercover South African Cinema
Director Tony Cunningham Cast Emmanuel Shangase
Producer Mitch Dyer Roy Dlamini
Writer Lorraine Philbrick Pepsi Mabizela
DOP Tony Cunningham Mandla Ngconya
Editor N/A Max Mkhwanazi
Sound Simon Bleakley Zanele Nyidi
Y.O.P 1980’s Sylvia Makhathini
Running Time 68 min
Language N/A
Genre Crime

A hard-working police sergeant is tasked with an under-cover assignment where he must pose as a mysterious assassin known as “Jakalasi”. His mission is to execute a hit on the local police captain.

But it’s a dangerous game the young cop is playing, and with the mob boss’ right-hand man suspicious of the new arrival, it’s only a matter of time before his cover is blown. When that day finally comes, all hell will break loose for the cop and his friends.

Undercover South African Cinema

Undercover South African Cinema


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