Interview with Tonie van der Merwe

Trompie Framegrab

We recently did a little interview with Tonie van der Merwe – the creator of “Trompie”. Take a look at what he said.

  • When was Trompie produced?

I’d say around 1973-1974 if I’m not mistaken.

  • What where the challenges?

There were a number challenges the main one being directing the baboon and the dogs. We used a trained baboon that we got from a friend in Krugersdorp. We were not aware how difficult it would be to try and get that thing in the water. So yes, the biggest challenge was controlling the animals.

  • How well did it do?

Well Trompie did not do as well as we would have liked but we did take it on a national tour, visiting different communities and schools. So I would say it did okay.

  • The cast?

Well for the cast we put up an article for an open casting in the Sunday News and called out to as many people as we could. People wrote in and that is how we identified and found the actors.

  • How long did it take to produce?

Well it took between 6 – 8 weeks to shoot.

  • Why did it disappear?

After the national tour I moved on to other shoots and never really gave Trompie any mind until Benjamin Cowley came along.

  • What does it mean to you that is out on Dvd this week?

Well I hope it does well because I need the money from my Rhino movie that I plan to shoot next year.

  • Any Trompie sequels?

Well Benjamin had mentioned something like that but that all depends on him. If the opportunity arises however I would be very glad because I love working with children.

Andre Laubscher - the original "Trompie"!

Andre Laubscher – the original “Trompie”!

Tonie van der Merwe - Director of "Trompie"

Tonie van der Merwe – Director of “Trompie”


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