Schedule for The Bioscope Independent Cinema Retro Film Festival

framegrab from "Fishy Stones" airing Saturday night

framegrab from “Fishy Stones” airing Saturday night

The Mini Retro Afrika Film Festival in association with The Bioscope Independent Cinema is happening next week in Johannesburg 24th – 26th October. 4 Films will be showcased as part of a mini festival – “Joe Bullet”, “Fishy Stones”, “Trompie” and “Umbango”. We are giving away some FREE tickets to the screenings, take part in our giveaway on our Facebook page here.


286 Fox Street, Johannesburg


24th – 26th October


Friday 24 October 7:30pm JOE BULLET

Saturday 25 October 6pm FISHY STONES

Saturday 25 October 8pm UMBANGO

Sunday 26 October 5pm TROMPIE

Sunday 26 October 7pm JOE BULLET


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