What Was Happening When

1980 – Upondo No Nkinsela



14 – The local community at Soekmekaar resists forced removal and damages the police station.


12 – The Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk (NGK) together with its sister churches for Blacks (the NGK in Afrika), Coloureds (the NG Sendingkerk) and Indians (the Reformed Church in Africa), issue a statement that the Churches will bring no objection in principle should authorities judge that circumstances justify reconsideration of the Immorality Act and the Mixed Marriages Act.


4 – Umkhonto we Sizwe attacks the Booysens Police Station in Johannesburg with grenades, rocket launchers and AK47s.


2 – Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall is banned because the government fears that it might be used as a song of liberty by black school children.


1 – Bombs explode at Sasol One and Two and Natref Eight at Sasolburg and Secunda, with no injuries and RM58 damage. The attack was organised by Solomon Mahlangu of the Umkhonto weSizwe Special Operations.


Special Branch policeman Detective-Sergeant T.G. Zondi is shot at in Sobantu Village.


14 – The Soweto community calls for a stayaway to protest against rent increases.


21 – A terrorist is killed in Chiawelo and a child is injured by police in the process.

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Upondo No Nkinsela

Upondo No Nkinsela South African Cinema

Director Bernard Buys Cast Ndaba Mhlongo
Producer United Films Masoja Mota
Writer Bernard Buys Joe Mafela
DOP Ivo Pelligrini
Editor N/A
Sound N/A
Y.O.P 1980’s
Running Time 49 min
Language isiZulu
Genre Comedy

Pondo and Nkinsela are two haphazard, dysfunctional friends. They end up going on a series of crazy adventures together which cause havoc everywhere they go. From ruining a bride’s wedding day to destroying a client’s hairdo in a beauty salon to escaping a supposed ghost in a house, the two friends always seem to come out on top.

Upondo No Nkinsela South African Cinema

Upondo No Nkinsela South African Cinema


Thunder Valley

Thunder Valley South African Cinema
Director Tony Cunningham Cast Mandla Ngcoya
Producer Coastal Films Debra Ngcoya
Writer N/A Kululu Phewa
DOP N/A Max Mkhwanazi
Editor N/A Roy Dlamini
Sound Wally Booysen John Madlada
Y.O.P 1980’s Emmanuel Shangase
Running Time 69 min
Language isiZulu
Genre Action Drama

John, Sipho and Thandi are once more spending the summer holidays together at Uncle Joshua’s cottage. But despite their best efforts to stay out of mischief this year, the three manage to encounter a group of crooks hiding out in a supposed abandoned shack on the river.

To their great surprise, Benson has escaped from prison yet again. But this time around, the convict teams up with the youths to save the day and defeat the crooks holding a large cache of stolen weapons.

Thunder Valley South African Cinema

Thunder Valley South African Cinema

The Comedians

The Comedians South African Cinema
Director Japie Van Der Merwe Cast Moses Makhathini
Producer Gary Van Der Merwe Matthews Monica
Writer N/A Hector Mathanda
DOP Japie van der Merwe Ernest Dlamini
Editor N/A Delani Dlamini
Sound Gert Smith / Piet Buys Sibongile Dlamini
Y.O.P 1980’s Isaac Xaba
Running Time 86 min Stanley Phama
Language isiZulu Chipa Molawa
Genre Comedy

When Ace Bhona uses his friend’s magic ring under false pretences to make himself a wealthy man, his greed and desire for more soon becomes uncontrollable.

He hires a group of thugs to steal the ring from his friend, hoping to possess the ring for himself once and for all. But the friend has a trick up his sleeve and counters Bhona’s greed with a curse.

Bhona awakes the following day to discover that his ill-gotten wealth and possessions have turned to dust, with the police knocking on his door seeking justice for the crimes he has recently committed.

The Comedians South African Cinema

The Comedians South African Cinema

Rich Girl

Rich Girl South African Cinema

Director Tonie Van Der Merwe Cast Innocent “Popo” Gumede
Producer Hettie Van Der Merwe   Hector Mathanda
Writer Lianja Scripts   Lungi Mdlala
DOP Tony Cunningham   Max Mkhwanazi
Editor Fred Ridgard   John Madala
Sound Wally Booysen   Emanuel Shangase
Y.O.P 1980’s    
Running Time 70 min    
Language isiZulu    
Genre Crime    

When a highly trained bodyguard is hired to protect a wealthy businessman’s pampered daughter, he will have his work cut out for him. The beautiful young woman doesn’t want or believe she needs protection.

Following her on one of her endeavours, the two end up being kidnapped by a pair of thugs. The unsuspecting crooks have no clue as to what the bodyguard is capable of and are soon to learn the error of their ways.

Rich Girl South African Cinema

Rich Girl South African Cinema

Zero for Zep

South African Cinema

Director Steve Hand / Laurens Barnard Cast So Mhlanga
Producer Tugela Films Khulekani Magubane
Writer Carl Bleakley Gugu Mhlanga
DOP Laurens Barnard Tim Mtshali
Editor N/A Jabulani Lthuli
Sound Foxy Hand Richard Manqele
Y.O.P 1980’s Innocent “Popo” Gumede
Running Time 66 min Wilson Phala
Language isiZulu Thembi Sambo
Genre Crime / Drama Winnie Mkhize

When Zep dumps his pregnant teenage girlfriend, and later discovers she committed suicide as a result of this, he acts out. Angry and confused, he undertakes a childish crime spree in order to deal with what has happened.

Things quickly spiral out of control and soon the police are hot on his tail.

In a daring final escape, the young man comes to see the error of his ways and decides to face the consequences of his actions like a man.

Zero for Zep South African Cinema

Zero for Zep South African Cinema

Zero for Zep South African Cinema