The Comedians

The Comedians South African Cinema
Director Japie Van Der Merwe Cast Moses Makhathini
Producer Gary Van Der Merwe Matthews Monica
Writer N/A Hector Mathanda
DOP Japie van der Merwe Ernest Dlamini
Editor N/A Delani Dlamini
Sound Gert Smith / Piet Buys Sibongile Dlamini
Y.O.P 1980’s Isaac Xaba
Running Time 86 min Stanley Phama
Language isiZulu Chipa Molawa
Genre Comedy

When Ace Bhona uses his friend’s magic ring under false pretences to make himself a wealthy man, his greed and desire for more soon becomes uncontrollable.

He hires a group of thugs to steal the ring from his friend, hoping to possess the ring for himself once and for all. But the friend has a trick up his sleeve and counters Bhona’s greed with a curse.

Bhona awakes the following day to discover that his ill-gotten wealth and possessions have turned to dust, with the police knocking on his door seeking justice for the crimes he has recently committed.

The Comedians South African Cinema

The Comedians South African Cinema


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