Impango II

Impango South African Cinema

Director Tonie van der Merwe Cast Innocent “Popo” Gumede
Producer Alida Hand Hector Mathanda
Writer N/A Kay Magubane
DOP Michel Hartslief Gugu Mhlanga
Editor N/A Lorraine Nyathikazi
Sound Steve Hand Vincent Vilakazi
Y.O.P 1980’s
Running Time 73 min
Language isiZulu
Genre Crime

When Mr. Dlamini, a wealthy businessman, and his wife, Gugu, fall victim to a trio of crooks seeking revenge and money, they are forced to flee to their beach house.

The crooks are not that easily thwarted. When they follow the couple on their getaway, Dlamini and Gugu will have to fight back if they ever hope to live through this ordeal and be free from these hooligans once and for all.

Impango South African Cinema

Impango South African Cinema


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