Gone Crazy

Gone Crazy South African Cinema

Director Tony Cunningham Cast Emmanuel Shangase
Producer Mitch Dyter Roy Dlamini
Writer Lorraine Philbrick Pepsi Mabizela
DOP Tony Cunningham Mandla Ngconya
Editor Craig van der Westhuizen Hector Mathanda
Sound Simon Bleakley Vincent Vilakazi
Y.O.P 1980’s
Running Time 74 min
Language isiZulu
Genre Crime / Suspense

When a psychopath seeking revenge on the Mayor of a small town steals a mega bomb from a local research facility, two police Inspectors will have to team up together. Both working different angles of the same case, they have to rescue a Professor kidnapped by the madman, and also stop his evil plan of blowing up a nearby dam in order to flood the town where everyone lives.

Gone Crazy South African Cinema

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framegrab from "Gone Crazy"

framegrab from “Gone Crazy”