How To Watch Our Restored Films

framegrab from "Mandla"

framegrab from “Mandla”

+ We’re on kykNET’s “Flits” Channel 144 DSTV tonight! Tune in at 9:30pm as CEO Ben speaks about #RetroAfrika

+ We’re screening “Joe Bullet”, “Fishy Stones”, “Umbango” and “Trompie” in Johannesburg  in association with The Bioscope Independent Cinema between 24th-26th October. More here (including where you can buy tickets)

+ We have a YouTube Channel with trailers for our films

+ “Joe Bullet” will be showcased at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City on 8th & 13th
November as part of the “To Save and Project” Film Preservation Festival

+ Soon “Trompie” will be available in Musica (South Africa) nationwide

+ “Joe Bullet” will be screened at the Carthage International Film Festival in Tunisia in December

framegrab from "Trompie" screening in Johannesburg 24-26 October

framegrab from “Trompie” screening in Johannesburg 24-26 October

framegrab from "Fishy Stones" screening in Johannesburg 24-26 October

framegrab from “Fishy Stones” screening in Johannesburg 24-26 October

framegrab from "Umbango" screening in Johannesburg 24-26 October

framegrab from “Umbango” screening in Johannesburg 24-26 October

We’re on Kyknet!

Tomorrow night at 9:30pm (23 October 2014), we’ll be featured on kyknet on DSTV. Here is their awesome website.

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RetroAfrika launches Mayibuye Film Festival SABC

RetroAfrika launches Mayibuye Film Festival SABC. CEO of Gravel Road Entertainment will be interviewed on KYKNET

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Tonie Van Der Merwe

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Silwerskerm Film Festival Screens “Trompie”

Trompie South African Cinema 1975 RetroAfrika Bioscope

The Silwerskerm Film Festival is an annual gathering for mostly Afrikaans filmmakers. It’s a 4-day marathon which showcases the best new South African films at the kykNET Silwerskermfees. The festival is predominantly Afrikaans, but English stand-outs like the Durban International Film Festival award-winning “Durban Poison” was also screened.

In addition to the feature films, the end results of a competition that develops script ideas from first-time filmmakers of all ages were screened. This isn’t just a film festival that showcases the best of the best. It nurtures new talent and gives it a valuable platform.

One of our more recently restored films, “Trompie”, was also screened at the venue. Directed by legendary Tonie van der Merwe in the 70’s, about 15-30 people in the room watched as a digitally remastered version of a South African classic was screened. “Trompie” is a compact, highly enjoyable and kinetic comedy feature.

“Trompie” also has some well-crafted English subtitles for non-Afrikaans audience.