The Comedians

The Comedians South African Cinema
Director Japie Van Der Merwe Cast Moses Makhathini
Producer Gary Van Der Merwe Matthews Monica
Writer N/A Hector Mathanda
DOP Japie van der Merwe Ernest Dlamini
Editor N/A Delani Dlamini
Sound Gert Smith / Piet Buys Sibongile Dlamini
Y.O.P 1980’s Isaac Xaba
Running Time 86 min Stanley Phama
Language isiZulu Chipa Molawa
Genre Comedy

When Ace Bhona uses his friend’s magic ring under false pretences to make himself a wealthy man, his greed and desire for more soon becomes uncontrollable.

He hires a group of thugs to steal the ring from his friend, hoping to possess the ring for himself once and for all. But the friend has a trick up his sleeve and counters Bhona’s greed with a curse.

Bhona awakes the following day to discover that his ill-gotten wealth and possessions have turned to dust, with the police knocking on his door seeking justice for the crimes he has recently committed.

The Comedians South African Cinema

The Comedians South African Cinema

Rich Girl

Rich Girl South African Cinema

Director Tonie Van Der Merwe Cast Innocent “Popo” Gumede
Producer Hettie Van Der Merwe   Hector Mathanda
Writer Lianja Scripts   Lungi Mdlala
DOP Tony Cunningham   Max Mkhwanazi
Editor Fred Ridgard   John Madala
Sound Wally Booysen   Emanuel Shangase
Y.O.P 1980’s    
Running Time 70 min    
Language isiZulu    
Genre Crime    

When a highly trained bodyguard is hired to protect a wealthy businessman’s pampered daughter, he will have his work cut out for him. The beautiful young woman doesn’t want or believe she needs protection.

Following her on one of her endeavours, the two end up being kidnapped by a pair of thugs. The unsuspecting crooks have no clue as to what the bodyguard is capable of and are soon to learn the error of their ways.

Rich Girl South African Cinema

Rich Girl South African Cinema


Isiboshwa South African Films

This 70 minute adventure film was shot in 1989. Produced by Steve Hand and Directed by Tonie vd Merwe, it stars Sizwe Dlamini, Popo Gumede and Hector Mathanda. Catch it on SABC1 this Sunday at 8:30pm as part of the Mayibuye Film Festival!


While on a camping trip, three teenage brothers go from being the hunted to the hunters in an effort to snare and catch a dangerous thief.


The summer holidays finally arrive, and the three teenage brothers head out into the wilderness for a camping trip together. Their days are spent fishing, swimming and relaxing by their small tent on the banks of the river.

But unbeknownst to the boys, they are being watched. When things start going missing from their camp, and other strange events begin to occur, the three brothers begin to worry, unsure and unaware of who or what is stalking them.

Eventually they manage to discover what is really happening, and together they set out on a path fraught with danger, action and drama in order to bring the culprit to justice.


Gravel Road Entertainment


Ambushed South African Films

Filmed in 1988 on 16mm, this 70 minute action film will keep you on your toes! Directed by Tonie vd Merwe and produced by Oubaas Olivier, the cast includes Hector Mathanda, Popo Gumede, Kay Magubane & Ngebo Zungo. Catch it on Sunday night at 8:30pm on SABC1


A young Game Ranger will have to track a dangerous group of army deserters in a desperate attempt to rescue his kidnapped wife and son.


A young Game Ranger lives with his wife and son a large game farm bordering a neighbouring country.

Early one morning, only a few kilometres away, a gang of army deserters cross the border to loot, steal and poach whatever they can find. As the Ranger bids his family farewell and heads out on patrol, his son leaves for school.

While on his way, the young boy has a run-in with one of the deserters. He manages to escape, or so he thinks, and flees back home. The boy informs his mother of the events, and together they try to reach the Ranger via radio. But the deserters have followed the boy home.

Mother and son are kidnapped and the gang of deserters head back across the border. The father, calling in his Assistant Ranger, tracks the gang through the treacherous landscape back to their hidden base. The odds are stacked against him, but it is here that he launches a desperate attack on the hide-out in an effort to defeat the gang and rescue his wife and son.

Ambushed South African Films