Zero for Zep

South African Cinema

Director Steve Hand / Laurens Barnard Cast So Mhlanga
Producer Tugela Films Khulekani Magubane
Writer Carl Bleakley Gugu Mhlanga
DOP Laurens Barnard Tim Mtshali
Editor N/A Jabulani Lthuli
Sound Foxy Hand Richard Manqele
Y.O.P 1980’s Innocent “Popo” Gumede
Running Time 66 min Wilson Phala
Language isiZulu Thembi Sambo
Genre Crime / Drama Winnie Mkhize

When Zep dumps his pregnant teenage girlfriend, and later discovers she committed suicide as a result of this, he acts out. Angry and confused, he undertakes a childish crime spree in order to deal with what has happened.

Things quickly spiral out of control and soon the police are hot on his tail.

In a daring final escape, the young man comes to see the error of his ways and decides to face the consequences of his actions like a man.

Zero for Zep South African Cinema

Zero for Zep South African Cinema

Zero for Zep South African Cinema


Ezintandaneni South African Films

Produced in 1987, this 70 minute drama was directed by Tonie vd Merwe and produced by Oubaas Olivier. The cast includes Sizwe Dlamini, Popo Gumede & Gugu Mhlanga. Be sure to watch it this Sunday night on SABC1!


A moving tale involving two orphans, a widower and a beautiful social worker, and how their lives all come together at the end.


A touching story of two families – one poor, and the other rich. A young boy and his sister, raised by their cruel and vicious stepmother, live poor and difficult lives. Beaten and starved by their stepmom, the two children only have one another for comfort
and support. Meanwhile a prominent business man, and single father, has brought his mother to stay with him to help care for his ailing daughter. A beautiful Social Worker enters the scene and befriends the two abused children, and when the wealthy business man’s daughter sadly passes away, a series of events begin to unfold, entwining  these people’s fates and bringing all them all together at the end.

Ezintandaneni South African Films