Treasure Hunters

Treasure Hunter South African Films

“Treasure Hunters” (also known as “Ukuzingala”) was shot on 16mm in 1989 and is 75 minutes long. This adventure film was produced by Oubaas Olivier and directed by Tonie vd Merwe. Starring Gugo Mhlangu, Innocent Gumende, Jabu Luthuli and Victor Nklago, catch it on SABC 1 this Sunday night at 8:30pm!


After hearing a tale of a mysterious lost treasure, an old man’s family heads off on a perilous journey only to suffer the same fate as the shipwrecked survivors from sixty years ago.


A young Zulu boy secretly watches as four shipwrecked survivors struggle ashore. Between them they carry a large chest of treasure.

The four survivors struggle off, heading inland, closely guarding the chest they carry with them. The young boy follows, keeping to the shadows, watching as one by one the survivors succumb to the treacherous journey, finally leaving only the treasure chest behind.

Sixty years later, the young boy now an old man, retells the story of the shipwrecked survivors and the mysterious treasure chest to his descendants. Deciding to retrace the trail in the hopes of finding the lost treasure, the old man’s family head off on the treacherous adventure. But tragedy strikes, only for them to suffer the same fate as the survivors so many years before them.

Treasure Hunter South African Films